One List

Adding your information to One List will give you access to two important initiatives being run by St Edward’s Parent Council: (1) One List and (2) Class Parent.

(1) One List is intended to be a single e-mail distribution list for our school, and it will ensure that messages from Ms. Kieda, our CSPC- Parent Council and Mr. DeCiantis are delivered in one consistent e-mail distribution.

(2) A “Class Parent” is one parent per class who has volunteered to be a liaison between a class teacher and the parents for that class. Via the initiative, you will receive class specific updates and will also have access to the e-mails of other parents in the class.

Already on the One List?

You can view an archive of past communications by clicking the link below.

Not on the One List yet?

Add  your email address to the One List by clicking the link below and filling out the form.