Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

Is there a handbook for new parents?

See the attached document for the Welcome to ELP information sheets. More information and forms will be sent home with the students the first week of school.

For more information, please review our Frequently Ask Questions. New questions are welcomed!

What is CSPC?

CSPC stands for Catholic School Parent Council. Council meetings are open to the public and held at a location that is accessible (usually the school library). All parents/guardians of students registered in the school are welcome to attend.

Participating on the school parent council is an excellent way to stay updated, meet other parents and get to know you school principal. Further, when your child sees you going to school, they get that school is important!

The first CSPC meeting of the 2016/17 school year will be held on Monday, September 19, 2016 at 7 pm in the school library. Elections for CSPC roles and committees will occur at the start of this meeting.

Subsequent meetings are held on the first Monday of each month, unless that day is a holiday.

How is the money raised by Parent Council spent?

Per the school board’s Policy, FUND RAISING IN SCHOOLS S.M.04, Section 5, ‘Funds raised under this policy shall not be used to purchase textbooks, learning materials and resources for regular classroom programs which would normally be funded through Board and school-based budgets.’  At St. Edward our areas of focus for spending are: (a) Literacy, (b) Numeracy,  (c) Technology, (d) Arts & Science and (e) Athletics. ‘

Will the school year be staggered or will all start the same day?

All students will begin school on Tuesday September 6 th at 9:00 am.

What is the 'One-List'?

One List is intended to be a single e-mail distribution list for our school, and it will ensure that messages from Ms. Kieda, our CSPC- Parent Council and Mr. DeCiantis are delivered in one consistent e-mail distribution.

Read more about it, or join the list, here.

How does One List work? I am not able to view the group online.

One List is an email distribution list for parents, guardians and sometimes caregivers of our students. It is used primarily our Principal, Parent Council Chair and myself to send communications to all parents regarding school related topics such as events and bus delays. We have not used the distribution for any collaboration as of now so the group privileges are limited to receiving emails.

How does my child know which school bus to take after school? Will the teacher take my child to the designated school bus?

Last year there were 5 buses. In the past each student had a coloured tag on their bag that indicated their bus number. The teachers line the students up and take them to the spot where they line up outside and sometimes, wait for the bus to arrive. A teacher takes attendance of the students on the bus as another check that everyone is in the right place.

Do you offer before/after child care?

After school care is offered on site at St. Edward by the YMCA.  For more information, please visit their site at  There are separate programs for Kindergarten and Older students.

Bus Questions

How do I contact the bus company?

The School’s bus service suppliers are Stock Transportation (routes 1, 2, 3 & 5) and Sharp Transportation (route 4).
You can call Stock Transportation at 416-757-0565.
You can call Sharp Transportation at 416-477-4809.
More info about bussing can be found here.

How do we sign up for or confirm our bus route?

When you registered for school you indicated if you did or did not require bus transportation. Please note,

our Principal, Mr DeCiantis is requesting that parents drop new students off and pick them up the first week

of school. This will give the school time to assign students to the correct bus route and ensure that all

students receive the appropriate bag tags.

The attached file includes the bus routes and times for the 2016/17 school year. Please note that some

routes and times have changed. Also, these routes have not been finalized and are subject to change.

What are bus bag tags?

Bag tags are coloured tags that indicate the student’s bus as well as the student’s number on the bus.  Students line up by number before boarding which helps the staff member taking attendance quickly identify children that are not present to board the bus.

Younger students will also receive a purple bag tag for the Purple Equals Parent (PEP) program. The intention of this program is to help the bus driver to identify students who must be met at the bus stop. See

the attached document for more information.

What is the protocol when students get off the bus at school in the morning?

ELP students who take the bus will be escorted by a staff member to the fenced in area of the play scape.

What is the protocol when students get on the bus at the end of the day?

Bag tags are coloured tags that indicate the student’s bus as well as the student’s number on the bus.

Teachers will line students up according to their assigned bus and number before boarding. This helps the staff member taking attendance quickly identify children that are not present to board the bus.

ELP ( JK/SK ) Questions

When will JK ELP parents hear from the school regarding the 1 st week?

For the 2016/17 school year, parents will not be contacted by the school before Tuesday September 6 th . On or after this date, parents of JK ELP students can expect to hear from their child’s teacher to arrange an interview.

Besides the uniform, what else does my child need for school?

  • Two pairs of running shoes, one for indoor and one for outdoor use. The runners should be velcro (no laces) so they kids can take them on and off independently.
  • A large backpack as they will take their lunch to school each day and may bring home folders and large library books.
  • Lunch bag, re-usable containers and water bottle.
  • An extra set of clothing, including underwear. In the past extra clothes did not need to be dress code items.  Put these items in a large velcro bag and write their name on the bag so that everything is available when needed.

Is there a dress code for socks?

  • There’s not really a dress code in this regard but they will get dirty and the white ones will never be the same again! Joe fresh has packs of black socks in the boys section for a decent price
  • Tip: In JK my daughter was asked to bring 4 pairs a day in the winter due to the wet hallways and the number of times the kids go in and out. I don’t think they ever all came home wet but buying many will save you from doing midweek laundry.
  • Tip: On picture day, usually kids with navy or white socks are in the front row.

I heard that JK has two snack times and lunch. Does this mean I have to prepare at least two small snack?

  • Yes. Send a minimum of two snacks, a lunch and a water bottle.
  • All snacks must be NUT FREE.
  • Tip: I used to put my daughter’s in 3 different containers labelled #1 snack, #2 lunch and #3 snack (I used masking tape and at the end of the day, I stuck my labels on the fridge for the next day). Labels were requested by the teachers so that the kids know what to eat when and avoid scenarios where the child eats their whole lunch for first snack.
  • Tip: The containers should also be in easy containers for the kids to be able to open and close themselves.  Practise at home prior to school starting.

Is my child too young to take the school bus?

  • Once they are enrolled in school, they are eligible to take the bus, provided they are in the catchment area for the bus.
  • Younger children are encouraged to sit near in the front seats.
  • Younger children will receive a purple tag for their backpack. That informs the driver the a parent must be at the stop to let them out of the bus. “Purple Equals Parent” (you can read more about this on the board website).

My child has a bento box for his lunch – can their snacks stay inside his bento box if labelled?

From my experience, it’s not recommended. It takes a lot for 30 kids to pull out their snacks and the easier it is to get at the better.

What foods are banned from the school? I know peanut for sure but anything else?

All snacks must be NUT FREE. If there are other allergies in the classroom you will be advised. Junk food is not recommended. Students are encouraged to bring litterless lunches.

Will JK ELP parents be advised of their teacher?

For the 2016/17 school year, parents of JK ELP students will not be advised of their child’s teacher before September 6 th . On the morning of September 6 th , parents should bring their child to the fenced area of the play scape. A teacher will greet the child and determine their class assignment. General supervision of the yard begins at 8:30 am however, parents are advised to come at or after 8:40 am.

What is the protocol for dropping ELP students off in the morning?

When dropping off an ELP student, parents, caregivers older siblings etc.. should bring the student directly to the fenced in area of the play scape. It is recommended that students come at or after 8:40 am.

Does my child need indoor and outdoor shoes. If so, is there a specific kind or colour?

  • Buy  velcro. The teacher’s cannot possibly help everyone with their shoes and it is good for their independence as well.
  • FOR INDOOR SHOES….no specific colour, non-marking soles, something that has NO LACES and something that they can run around in, as they will be using them for gym class as well.
  • FOR OUTDOOR SHOES… no specific colour, also NO LACES

Is there a nap time for JK?

There is no nap time, however, some of the classes have a rest period in the afternoon where the kids rest their heads on the desk. A few kids even bring their favourite stuffed animal or something that comforts them, and a few have fallen asleep.

What happen if I am a few minutes late and I missed the school bus due to the weather etc. Where am I going to pick up my daughter if I miss the bus?

  • If you think you may miss the bus, let the school know.
  • If you do miss the bus, the child is brought back to the school. The parent is then notified by either the school or the bus company.
  • Tip: If there are multiple parents at the stop, I recommend that you get the phone number of someone you see at the stop every day – just in case. That way you can let them know you’re on your way if you’re running late and over time, you may be comfortable with you daughter getting off the bus with them and waiting at the stop.
  • Tip: Put your contact information in your child’s backpack and make sure they know it is there – if you have one, a business card will do the trick!

Will teachers assist with lunch? For example opening up containers if assistance is needed or encouraging little ones to eat?

  • The ECE usually stays in the class room but they cannot help everyone.
  • Containers should be in easy containers for the kids to be able to open and close themselves.
  • Tip: Practise at home prior to school starting.

While indoors, do students wear dress shoes in class and gym shoes at gym time?

No. They wear a single pair of indoor shoes while inside, all day. The only shoe change is to go outside.

  • FOR INDOOR SHOES….no specific colour, non-marking soles, something that has NO LACES and something that they can run around in, as they will be using them for gym class as well.
  • FOR OUTDOOR SHOES… no specific colour, also NO LACES

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